Mitosis is a highly regulated process that allows equal distribution of the genetic material to the daughter cells. The mitotic spindle is a bipolar structure composed of highly dynamic microtubule polymers. The formation and maintenance of the bipolar spindle and chromosome alignement and segregation during mitosis are critical to maintaining genomic integrity. Several of the mitotic microtubule-associated proteins are key to controlling these processes and therefore prime candidates as anti-cancer drug targets.

Our goal is to define how

  1.  Microtubule motors transport and cooperate with their cargos to ultimately build the mitotic spindle and align chromosomes.
  2. Chromosomes move along the spindle and segregate.

We  use a holistic mechanistic approach ranging from structural biology to single molecule imaging and quantitative cell biology.


27 Jan 2018

Lab News

Submitted by tmchugh

March 2018 The Welburn Lab attended the Dynamic Cell conference in Manchester.  It was a great meeting and Agata won a prize for her poster on Kif18b and spindle positioning! 



January 2018. Lab retreat 2018 with Okhura lab. We discussed creativity in the context of science and outside the lab. This was followed by a competitive game of netball.


1st November 2017 Jovana defends her thesis.

Well done Dr Deretic!

October 2017 Welcome to Ben Craske Eastbio BBSRC student and Giovanna de la Hoz Banos Erasmus+ student to the lab!

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