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Lab News

January 2018. Lab retreat 2018 with Okhura lab. We discussed creativity in the context of science and outside the lab. This was followed by a competitive game of netball.


1st November 2017 Jovana defends her thesis.

Well done Dr Deretic!


October 2017 Welcome to Ben Craske Eastbio BBSRC student and Giovanna de la Hoz Banos Erasmus+ student to the lab!


August 2017 Julie receives a Wellcome Senior Research Fellowship (2018-2023).

Great science ahead for the Welburn lab!



May 2017 Second summer vacation studentship success for undergraduate Derrick Tang who received one from Wellcome!


May 2017 Yann Frey joins the lab for 4 months from Paris. Additionally, Yann gets a BSCB summer studentship and thanks to BSCB!

April 2017 Getting ready for the 3rd British Microtubule meeting, Toni is giving a talk!

March 2017 Read our JCB Spotlight on Dynein at kinetochores!

March 2017 Our paper on MCAK in human cells and C. elegans in collaboration with Julien Dumont is out at Development 

September 2016 Julie has received a Research grant from the Royal Society!

May 2016 Welcome Innes and welcome back Jonida. Innes recceived a Carnegie Vacation summer studentship and Jonida is in the lab for a few more weeks before she starts her PhD at the MRC-LMB

April 2016 Welcome to Heather in the lab! Heather joins us from the Chemistry department in Edinburgh and brings a new string of skills to our lab

February 2016  Our paper on the Dam1 complex is accepted and coming out soon!

January 2016 Agata is leaving us to do another full-time job, maternity leave. Agata will be back in the Fall we hope

January 2016 Thibault gets a Staff PhD Scholarship award. Congratulations Thibault!

January 2016 Paper with Iva Tolic is out at nature Communications!

Happy 2016!

December 2015 Julie is interviewed by JCS in Cell Scientists to Watch

November 2015 Welcome to Toni starting as postdoc in our lab

A date for your diaries: 25th April 2016 for an awesome British Microtubule meeting in Edinburgh again!

28th August Well done Hannah on finishing your summer project. Good luck back in Cambridge!

1rst August Welcome to Thibault in the lab!

13th July, our paper with Tom Maresca's group is out in Current Biology! Pdf available on our website soon.

30th May Sarah is leaving us to start a PhD at the Crick Institute soon. Good luck Sarah! We will miss you!

30th April Great news! Hannah Lewis received a BSCB summer studentship award

24th April Our paper on MCAK conformational change upon microtubule binding is accepted in Elife!


6th March. The Welburn Lab is hosting TGIF for the Centre and celebrating pi with pie!

 pi. Image result for pi number

23rd October 2014 Our first lab paper on Length-dependent anisotropic scaling of the mitotic spindle" is accepted for publication! The PDF will soon be available on our website for downloading

13th October 2014 Welcome to PhD student Elana who is rotating in our lab!

1rst September 2014 Sarah is back from her travels. Welcome back Sarah!

4 May 2014  Viktoriya received the British Cell Biology Society summer studentship to join the lab this summer, and had to decline the Society of Biology and Wellcome Trust scholarships. Well done Viktoryia!

17 March 2014 Dr Agata Gluszek joins our lab! Welcome Agata!

October 2013 Our review on Kinesin Specificity is out in Cytoskeleton

October 2013  Julie has received the Marie Curie Career Integration Grant (2014-2018)

Welcome to Jovana joining the lab as a grad student in September 2013!

Well done Sandeep on getting a CRUK Visiting Fellowship to visit the Vantard lab (CEA)!
August 2013

Welcome to Bethany who is joining the lab in August 2013!


Microtubule baking! A cake to eat by the depolymerising end only!