Julie Welburn

Julie did her PhD in Structural Biology of the regulation of cell cycle complexes in the LMB, University of Oxford with Prof Jane Endicott and Prof Martin Noble. She spent one year in Eva Nogales's laboratory at UC Berkeley to further study mitotic protein complexes by electron microscopy. She joined the Cheeseman lab, at the Whitehead Institute and MIT, Boston, in 2008 to pursue cell biology and biochemical studies on mitosis. Julie received a CRUK research career development and moved in April 2012 to the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology, Edinburgh to start the lab and study the molecular basis for motors in cell division. Since August 2018, she is Wellcome Senior Fellow. In 2019, she was also selected as an EMBO Young investigator. Her lab uncovers mechanisms of microtubule-based molecular transport and how cargos, motors and tracks cooperate to build cellular structures and ensure correct cell function.




Agata Gluszek

 Rockin' Research assistant

Agata did her PhD with Hiro Okhura. She is interested in how kinesin proteins regulate microtubules and spindles in vitro and in vivo.






Thibault Legal

Big come back of Thibault as a Research Assistant/PhD student

Thibault did an Erasmus internship in our lab two years ago and decided to come back as a research assistant doing a PhD. Thibault is solving the mystery of how the Dam1 complex is assembled and binds to microtubules





Toni McHugh


Toni did her PhD at the Centre for Mechanochemical cell biology at the University of Warwick with Prof Rob Cross. She is working on the mechanism of kinesin depolymerases.






Ben Craske

Enthusiastic Eastbio PhD student

Ben did his undergraduate degree at Durham University, graduating with a First class degree and joined the lab as an eastbio student for the next 4 years!





Thomas Attard

Patient Precision Medicine PhD student

Thomas did his M. Biochemistry at the University of Manchester. He is on the Precision Medicine PhD program and his second supervisor is Joe Marsh.





Gaetan Dias-Mirandela


Gaetan did his Masters in Grenoble at the Institut de Biologie Structurale. He then moved to Scotland to pursue his PhD in Structural Biology of Ion Channels at Starthclyde University. He has joined the lab to study tubulin isotypes and develop computational approaches to imaging.





Leo Liu

Darwin Trust PhD student

Leo did his undergraduate studies and Masters at the University of Bristol. He has joined the lab in October 2019 as a Darwin student to study microtubule organization in platelets and megakaryocytes.






Past lab members

Jovana Deretic PhD student 2013-2017. Now in Elif Firat-Karalar lab.

Alicja Sochai Research Assistant-now postdoc in Poland

Sarah Young Research assistant - now PhD student at the Crick Institute

Sandeep Talapatra postdoc- postdoc at UCL

Jonida Tafilaku-undergraduate -now PhD student at the MRC-LMB, Cambridge

Viktoryia Stancheva-summer undergraduate (BSCB summer studentship 2014)-now PhD student at the MRC-LMB, Cambridge

Heather Johnston-Research assistant-now research scientist at Sygnature Discovery

Innes Jarmson (Carnegie Summer studentship 2016)



Juri Rappsilber (Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology, Edinburgh)

Iva Tolic (Ruđer Bošković Institute, Croatia)

Aurelie Bertin (Institut Curie)